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Industrial Services Italia (I.S.I.) has been established in 1996, founded by stainless steel artisans and professional swimming experts. In the same year, I.S.I. signed its first Very Important Contract for Atlanta Olympic Games, reaching in the following years a main position among the Companies that work on swimming pool business, becoming in 2008 Official Supplier of Italian Swimming Federation (FIN).

The 20 years experience in management and engineering of swimming pools, let ISI become a Company able to satisfy every different need of a contemporary sport stadium. Technological research and experience on the main world Competitions, allowed ISI to develop innovative solutions, becoming expert on supplying structures and components for Olympic Pools.

Our products have been chosen for every main Competition, included Olympic Games from Atlanta 1996 to Rio 2016.


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Viale del Lavoro 8, Arbizzano di Negrar, Verona, ITALY

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Viale del Lavoro 8, Arbizzano di Negrar, Verona, ITALY
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+39 045 6850007
+39 045 6858014

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