Stainless steel construction

Removable headwall

New concept design in compliance with FINA regulations

Structure built with AISI 316/1.4401 stainless steel with mirror polishing in the aesthetic parts.
Covered in grids and angular non-slip produced with ABS UV stabilized and anti-acid treatment.
It allows to maintain the water circulation on 4 sides, making a 30cm platform as expected from FINA requirements, also avoiding the installation of turning panels.
It allows installation of floating lanes and electronic timing plaques and also fixing each starting block or pad.


Moveable pool floor

Top benefits for an innovative swimming pool

The movable floor allows to vary the depth of the pool to be able to adapt it for various activities: competitions, diving, synchronized swimming, rehabilitation exercises, swimming lessons, water aerobics, courses for children, sub, etc. For each sport it can be defined a specific water depth, to allow each operation is conducted safely.

ISI produces both soft sediment allowed by the EN 13451-11, to meet the different needs of pools:
- Type 1: floating structure with submerged rods movement
- Tipo 2: autonomous mechanism that can be moved even in the absence of water


Moveable bulkhead

Swimming pool management reach new targets

Necessary element, always more essential that enables the versatility of the pool, being able to divide at will the pool to perform several activities simultaneously. Built respecting all FINA standards and accident prevention, moveable bulkhead are easy to handle and bear a huge overload even in the absence of water.
ISI from the first wall installed in 1996 has constantly improved and changed the project, with actually more than 200 different installations.

It 'a three-dimensional metal structure, made of stainless steel AISI 316/1.4401 (or 304), of prismatic shape.



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