Moveable Bulkhead

Swimming pool management reach new targets

Necessary element, always more essential that enables the versatility of the pool, being able to divide the pool to perform several activities simultaneously. Built respecting all FINA standards and accident prevention, moveable bulkhead are easy to handle and bear a huge overload even in the absence of water.
ISI from the first wall installed in 1996 has constantly improved and changed the project, with actually more than 200 different installations.

It's three-dimensional metal structure, made of stainless steel AISI 316/1.4401 (or 304), of prismatic shape.
The structure is supported by wheels on the sides of the bath. The 4 wheels, 2 for ends, allow the movement of the bulkhead on the long side of the pool; made of stainless steel, they are shaped to run on a ground guide (binary integrated in the floor).
Wheels covered in special polyurethane for installation without rails are also available.

The movable wall is designed to anchor the starting blocks, to lanes attacks, railings/handrails, connecting back panels; entirely covered with grills and angular slip ABS UV stabilized and treated anti acid.
From the structural point of view, the movable wall is adapted to withstand an accidental overload (over the permanent loads provided by UNI EN 13451-11), equivalent to 2 KN / MQ in the absence of water, the presence of which produces on a base wall upward thrust.

The structure is made with multiple framework, which realize a spatial chassis, capable of resisting both to vertical forces (permanent and accidental), both to horizontal actions (thrust of the swimmers in turn), without any deformation.

The movement can be manually pushed through the handles, or fully motorized with 24V engines placed in special compartments IP56 protected and possibly fitted with extremely accurate positioning sensors.


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